White House Press Secretary Learning to Tell Quite a Tale – Watch

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre can tell quite a tale from her podium. This week at Monday’s press briefing, she put a mighty spin on the disclosure of the Twitter files, calling them a “distraction,” and on the role that President Biden played in the midterm elections. 

Jean-Pierre was asked about Tuesday’s runoff election between Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Republican opponent Herschel Walker. The press secretary was asked why Biden did not appear in Georgia to campaign for Warnock in person. 

Jean-Pierre refused to fully answer the question, once again, pointing out she could not do so due to the limitations of the Hatch Act. 

But here is what she did say, “I have said many times before at this podium that the President will do anything that that he can do for Senator Warnock to be helpful to him.” 

Then she went on a rant about how well the Democrats did in the midterms, “Look, the way that we see this, if you think about the midterms that just occurred: The president played a big role here,” she claimed. “He set the narrative on how Democrats were going to move forward in the midterms, how they were going to talk about the successes that they had, how they–how they were going to talk about what was important to American families. Right?”

And here is where it went off the truth rails, “So, the president played a big role in setting that narrative, setting that contrast. And let’s not forget: The successes that we have seen–his economic policy successes, as we talk about the Bipartisan Infrastructure legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act–those are the things that the president was able to get done, and Democrats were able to run on it.”

But one reporter stayed steadfast on the initial question:

REPORTER: “Have Democrats. determined that a [Biden] visit to Georgia would not help Senator Warnock’s reelection bid?”

KJP: Joe Biden “played a significant role for Democrats” in the midterm elections.

“OK KJP, if you say so.” What nobody in the room was saying.