White House Scrambles After Joe Humiliates Himself Again Over Baseball Boast

Joe is at it again.

Recently, the White House hosted the Los Angeles Dodgers, during a meet and greet with players Biden said he hit a 368 foot home run during the Congressional baseball game. The story was reported by Bo Erickson from CBS News:


As it turns out, none of what Biden said is true (as usual).

RNC researcher, Zach Parkinson did some digging and discovered that not only did Biden never hit a home run, he barely took part in the game, and his research caused the White House to go into panic mode.


Parkinson also pointed out that Biden incorrectly stated where the game was played.

Parkinson also noted that this isn’t the first time Biden has fibbed about sports and that a quick blurb in Politico was Biden surrogates trying to cover the whole thing up.