Who Knew It Would Be Wall Street Elites That Would Bring Donald Trump Jr. & AOC Together

Who would have thought that day traders on Reddit would bring Donald Trump Jr. and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez together.

Throughout history money has always been a motivator and its looks like money could be wakes people up to the ruling class and what brings people on the right and left together.

The drama on the stock market continues as regular day traders beat hedge funds at their own game, resulted in Wall Street ruling class types to lose billions.

The image below was posted by a user and it in a nutshell explains what is occurring.

After Gamestop’s stock went through the roof, Discourse shutdown the reddit forum claiming it violated terms and conditions of dangerous speech. Then on Thursday morning, day trading apps like Robinhood and Cashapp bowed to pressure from the Wall Street fat cats and prohibited Gamestop and AMC from being traded; that is illegal.

The internet and day traders erupted citing that the ruling class is trying to screw the little guy and who would have thought this issue would get Donald Trump Jr. and AOC to agree.

What’s even more suspicious about Robinhood stopping investors from trading Gamestop (which is illegal) is a theory that Citadel bank may have bullied the company. Citadel handles 60% of Robinhood’s trades, it has been claimed (no official report yet but this comes from circulating rumors from verified sources as of the writing of this post) Citadel bank bailed out the hedge fund Melvin Capital after they lost over $2 billion on Gamestop and Ken Griffin head of Citadel influenced Robinhood to stop the little guy from purchasing Gamestop, AMC, and Nokia stock, to help the hedge funds who have lost billions.

Robinhood would only allow users to sell their stock (which would help the hedge funds) however day traders are determined to continue to drive up the price.

Mark Cuban wen t on CNBC and said the hedge fund managers need to get used of this, they set up the rules and they are going to have to live with them. In other words, live by the sword die by the sword and that’s something the ruling class is not used to.

Some are starting to call this a protest but one thing this has done is unite many on the left and the right. Bernie and Trump supporters are outraged and have begun filing complaints with the SEC.

This is an opinion piece regarding current events and should in no way shape or form be used as financial advice.