Whose Fall Was Worse? Karine Jean-Pierre or Biden’s? – Watch

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended President Biden’s recent falls on Thursday, saying that “things happen” and that the president is “doing great.”

Biden, 79, has fallen twice in public in the past two months. In March, he tripped and fell while boarding Air Force One, and in April, he fell while walking up the steps to Air Force One.

Jean-Pierre was asked about Biden’s falls during a press briefing on Thursday. She said that Biden is “doing great” and that the falls were “unfortunate.”

“This is a president that has had an incredibly impressive first two years when you think about what he has been able to get done. When you think about the record, historic pieces of legislation that are now into law. He just went into it with the different pieces of legislation that’s actually going to make a different, and change Americans’ lives — Americans who truly need it. And that’s what I think the American people are looking for. They’re looking for someone that can actually deliver like the president has done.”

Newsmax chief White House correspondent James Rosen pressed Jean-Pierre further, saying Americans have grown concerned about the “oldest president’s” multiple falls.

“Isn’t that what’s important? As a reporter, don’t you think it’s important what Americans care about? I’m just saying that’s something that Americans want. Isn’t that not true that they have a leader that’s going to deliver for them?” the press secretary said.

“Your [inaudible] may or may not be true, but it’s not responsive to my question,” Rosen answered.

“I think it’s very true—no I know what’s your question is. You’re asking me if we’re going to change anything from here, if the chief of staff has asked for it to change anything from here, and here’s the thing, we are not. Things happen. Other presidents have had similar situations as you know, and I’m sure you reported on the last president who’s had a similar situation and so look, things happen, this is a president that delivers and will continue to deliver for the American people and that’s what he cares about.”