Wil Wheaton Comments On Larry David Appearance

In a recent incident that has sparked a heated and unexpected response, Larry David’s playful “attack” on Elmo during a live television segment has drawn an explosive and legitimately angry reaction from Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton.

The incident occurred during the February 1st episode of NBC’s Today, where Elmo was co-hosting a discussion on mental health with his father, Louie. Before David’s planned appearance later on in the show to promote the final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, he surprised the beloved Sesame Street character by smooshing his face and playfully joking with him.

But this harmless act did not sit well with Wheaton, who took to his personal Facebook page on February 3rd to express his outrage and disappointment in David’s behavior. In a long and passionate post, he shared his personal trauma of being physically abused by his father, who would often shake him and scream in his face.

Wheaton, who is known for being outspoken and unfiltered, did not hold back in his criticism of the comedian. He called David an “a**hole” and a “stupid, self-centered, tone-deaf a**hole” for his actions. He also accused David of using Elmo and the segment for his own gain and attention, and not understanding the larger message of the discussion on mental health.

Despite receiving some criticism for overreacting to what was clearly a joke, Wheaton stood by his words and refused to entertain any dismissive comments. He stated that the incident may be a footnote in the larger story of Elmo’s impact on viewers struggling with mental health, but it was still unacceptable and disrespectful.

While Wheaton’s response may seem excessive, it highlights the ongoing conversation about the use of humor and the boundaries of what is considered acceptable, especially about sensitive topics like mental health and physical abuse.

As for David, he has not responded to Wheaton’s comments or the backlash. It is unclear if his “apology” to Elmo during his appearance on the show was a genuine attempt at making amends or a sarcastic remark.

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