Another Ballot Audit Discovers ‘Glitch’ That Helped Democrats

Ballot audit officials in New Hampshire are proclaiming that there was no evidence of fraud or political bias in a controversial New Hampshire election.

“We found no evidence of fraud or political bias,” Mark Lindeman, one of the three auditors and the acting co-director of Verified Voting, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, said. “I have heard no one actually articulate a credible hypothesis of how fraud could account for what we found.”

They did discover a “glitch” that would either not count a ballot or give the vote to a the Democrat candidate.

The town of Windham used a folding machine to fold absentee ballots to send them to voters. After the ballots were mailed back in they were processed into a counting machine. Officials claim that because of the folds some of the ballots went through a Democrats name, resulting in the ballot not being counted or incorrectly given to the Democrats.

Democrats had claimed that Republicans rigged the election and demanded an audit, turns out they had a helping hand and still lost.

“They have been very thorough, very transparent and it’s also clear that it’s multiple factors that led to the results we had on election night” Kristi St. Laurent, the losing Democratic candidate said.

So, it’s ok if Democrat’s request an audit but if Republicans do it in Arizona there’s a problem. 

New Hampshire officials admit they have no idea how many other communities may have used the same folding machines. Apparently, this has been going on in Windham for years according to political analyst Arnie Arnesen.

“They would take a quarter out and they would push the quarter along the fold to flatten it out before they put it into the machine,” she said.

So to be clear, there was no “fraud” just a “glitch” that’s been used for years that either doesn’t count a vote or gives it to the Democrats (eyeroll).

NBC 10 Boston