Wisconsin HOMES Are Attacked By BLM Activists As Kamala Harris Talked About Peaceful Protests During Debate

As Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris was talking about “peaceful protestors” during the debate another town in Wisconsin was attacked by BLM activists.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers had to call the National Guard to help police after the Milwaukee County district attorney announced Wauwatosa police office Joseph Mensah would not be charged in the shooting of Alvin Cole.

Mensah – who is black – shot Cole after he brandished a firearm and shot at police. Officer Mensah fired back and killed Cole.

After the announcement that Mensah BLM activists took to the streets looted business and attacked homes.

A man attempted to stop the activists from attacking homes.

Apparently, BLM and Antifa have now created their own police department equipped with badges.

Funny that the people would want to defund the police are creating their own version of a police department.

According to Joe Biden, this is just an “idea” and Kamala Harris claims this is peaceful.

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