The Left’s New Obsession Is Downright Bizarre & Creepy

Many on the left claim to believe in “science” not a higher power but that doesn’t explain their creepy new obsession…witchcraft.

These new self-identifying witches are grown a large following and push left wing agenda’s. 

From Unherd:

Self-identifying witches have become political, like the protestors in Boston in August 2017 who dressed as witches and carried signs saying, “Witches against White Supremacy”, “Hex White Supremacy”, “Good Night Alt-Right”, and — note the acronym — “We Interrupt Those Choosing Hate”. Some of this has been taken very seriously: when, in February 2017, Michael Hughes posted online “A Spell to Bind Trump and All Those Who Abet Him” and urged other witches to join him in casting it, Christian Trump supporters put out urgent calls for prayer and fasting to counter the spell.

The left is using witchcraft to reenforce feminism. 

“Many women are feeling frustrated, frightened, triggered, and down-right furious with the current social and political environment.” Said Deborah Blake, author of Modern Witchcraft: Goddess Empowerment for the Kick-Ass Woman. “But also feel powerless to create positive change … Witchcraft can give them both a sense of personal empowerment and a number of goddesses through whom they can channel those feelings in healthy and productive ways.”

People who use gender pronouns and CRT are also hopping on the witchcraft bandwagon (below is not a joke). 

More from Unherd:

Witchcraft has become a signifier of both systematic violence against women and of women’s attempts to resist that violence. This creates a binary of “we” — the assumed descendants of the oppressed — and “you” — the assumed oppressor.

Millennials (and Gen Z) are also flocking to Tik Tok influencers like Astrologist Maren Altman who forecasted Biden winning the 2020 election and made eerily accurate predictions about AOC and Ben Shapiro. 

Maren has thousands of followers and said she started make political predictions because she “just felt too astonished not to share.” Let’s be real she did it to get even more popular not because she was “astonished.” 

In a piece celebrating Maren political activism in Woman’s magazine they left out she also has an “only fans” account. “Only fans” is basically a porn site and one pays for access to chat and view exclusive content from Maren. 

Which is hardly surprising because this is one of the oldest professions in history and not much has changed in the last 10,000 years. 

Lastly, is Teen Vogue, a magazine that targets teenagers recently posted a piece on how girls can use blood from their menstrual cycle in spells (not a joke). 

For a group that doesn’t believe in the spiritual they certainly have a strange new obsession. 

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