Where’s The Outrage? Dem Challenger To Republican Senator Is Using An Alarming Symbol For Her Campaign

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been heard often referring to things as “our revolution.” The mainstream media who is too lazy to do their homework believe he is talking about his campaign however, that is not the case and it should be taken more seriously.

Bre Kidman, a Democratic socialist – like Bernie – is challenging Republican Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and is running to be the “first non-binary” Senator going by the pronoun “they.”

But what is more troubling is the campaign message she is putting on her shirts, “they” is using a guillotine. Kidman wrote, “I was gonna wait until tomorrow to show off these beauties, but Trump got acquitted and I feel like folks could use something to look forward to. So Get ready for Merch-You-Can’t-Buy! You shouldn’t buy elections, so you can’t buy our locally silk screened, upcycled merch.”

“We’ll be giving these shirts (& patches & buttons) to folks who talk with Mainers about our campaign, More details on how to get your GuilloTee tomorrow! In the meantime, remember: there is not going to be a more convenient revolution,” she wrote in another post.

Senior advisor to the National Republican Senatorial Committee Matt Whitlock post:

Kidman was question and her or “they” (whatever) response was even more troubling.

Let us not forget that it was a crazy Bernie Sanders support that opened fire on Republican congressman during a baseball practice.