Would Biden Ever Make the Phone Call to DeSantis? Watch

I wonder who it was that finally was able to convince President Joe Biden that he had to make the phone call to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. 

It was crucial that the Commander in Chief communicate with the Florida Governor to discuss the impending devastation that is coming from Hurricane Ian. The massive Category 4 storm is barreling toward the Sunshine State, and the president seemed to be dragging his feet with the needed phone call. 

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said no call to the Republican governor had taken place yet and a call was not planned to take place. She said that it wasn’t needed to initiate a federal response to help the people of Florida. 

But that seemed like a juvenile position for the White House and Jean-Pierre made it seem even more so when she announced that Biden had managed to call three Florida mayors about the massive storm.

Gov. DeSantis handled the situation like a grown-up and remind the White House Administration that this was no time for “pettiness.” There was a Category 4 storm directed at American citizens and people’s lives were at stake. 

“I’m happy to brief the president if he’s interested in hearing what we’re doing in Florida,” DeSantis said. “You’ve got people’s lives at stake…no time for pettiness, we’ve gotta work together to make sure we’re doing the best job for them. So, my phone line is open.”

That statement may have jarred the president into making the right move and so he began to act like a leader and he was able to put his political differences aside and make the call.

On Tuesday evening, Jean-Pierre announced a call had taken place.

Now, all eyes will be on a potential visit to Florida from Biden to see what the storm caused in damage. We can’t wait for the optics.