Wow! This Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, Fox News Has Made Their Bed Now They Must Lie In It

The once cable news station powerhouse, Fox News has fallen from grace after committing suicide. The network committed the unforgivable sin when they betrayed their audience on election night.

Since President Trump has been in office, the news network has received an epic amount of Youtube views from the President’s rallies. However, the President’s most recent rally in Georgia reveals that the news network is done.

Below is a screenshot from YouTube comparing Fox News views o the President’s rally to a small conservative internet news network.

Fox News was humiliated by a small internet news network.

The network has also been losing to the first time in years, CNN.

In turn, Fox News is now taking a page out of CNN’s playbook and conducted an interview with John Brennan.

President Trump’s rally in Georgia was powerful.

I don’t think liberals have realized yet that even if Joe Biden is inaugurated in January, President Trump and the MAGA movement aren’t going anywhere.

President Trump backed Perdue and Loeffler.

“If you don’t vote. The socialists and the communists win.”

President Trump also called for election reform.