You Don’t Say! Dr. Birx Admits They Gave Trump Some Wrong Information About The Coronavirus

White House coronavirus coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx admitted on Fox News that they gave Trump some wrong information and had “underestimated.”

“I think we’re learning every day about the virus and how it interacts with us as human hosts. And that’s been very important to constantly be triangulating data,” Birx said. “I think we underestimated very early on the number of asymptomatic cases. And I think we’re really beginning to understand there are people that get infected that those symptoms are so low-grade that they don’t even know that they’re infected,” she said.

You don’t say!

“This is a very complex virus and I want to be very clear: It’s highly transmissible, very infectious, and a lot of people have become infected,” Birx continued. “And what we’ve known now from the very beginning, if you have co-morbidities, if you have heart disease, if you have diabetes, if you have asthma, if you have cancer, if you’re immunosuppressed — all of those issues make you susceptible to a much more difficult course.”

“And still, we’re seeing the majority of the people that we’re losing to this disease have those other diseases that you just described,” Birx continued. “And, so, I do believe that a lot of the diseases we’re seeing in the hospital right now, yes, they may have preexisting conditions. But those preexisting conditions are resulting in them having a much more serious course when they’re infected with this virus.”

I’m not trying to minimize the virus we are losing about 2,000 people a day thanks to China. Those people we are losing all had lives and would still be with us today if it wasn’t for the CCP and WHO. Hell, if it wasn’t for them we all wouldn’t be stuck inside our damn homes!

But more evidence is emerging that they may have misinformed the President and that this shutdown was not necessary.