Rare Moment Of Journalism: CNN’s Tapper Makes A Fool Of NYC Mayor, Blindsides Him Over Trump Attacks

Regardless of one’s political affiliations most people don’t want to die and that includes the liberal media elite in New York City. Throughout social media, New Yorkers have quietly been complaining about their Mayor and how inept he’s been during the pandemic. In a rare moment of journalism, CNN’s Jake Tapper set up New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio then absolutely destroyed him.

On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Mayor Bill de Blasio. During the interview, Jake Tapper played video clips of de Blasio urging New Yorkers to go on living their lives normally even on March 13th the same day the President declared a national emergency. It wasn’t until a week later that de Blasio finally closed businesses after the New York Post reported that his staff was threatening to resign if he didn’t start taking the pandemic seriously. 

After the video clips were played Mayor de Blasio said that he would rather not get into what occurred in the past. De Blasio said after weeks of telling people to go on with their lives, “we should not be focusing, in my view, on anything looking back on any level of government right now.”

What happened next I wouldn’t have believed if I didn’t see it.

Then Tapper asks, “You say you don’t think you should look backwards, but you have criticized President Trump for ‘actions that are far, far behind the curve.’ I mean, Mr. Mayor, weren’t your actions in this outbreak also far, far behind the curve?” 

De Blasio was clearly taken off guard and started saying that he always wanted more testing and they need testing. He then said that he’s more focused on how he is going to get through the next week.

About half of the cases in the US are in New York City, other metropolitan areas are struggling as well. However, even Los Angeles isn’t seeing the cases New York City is experiencing and there is only one man to blame…Mayor Bill de Blasio.