Appeals Court Rules On Hunter Motion

Hunter Biden, son of our dear President Joe Biden, has once again been denied his desperate attempts to delay his upcoming trial on gun charges. This latest rejection comes as no surprise, as previous efforts to dismiss the case or delay the trial have been repeatedly slapped down by the courts.

For those of you who may have forgotten, Hunter Biden was indicted last September on three charges related to his illegal purchase of a firearm back in 2018. These include unlawful possession and two counts of making false statements on a form. But apparently, according to his lawyer, there is no reason for an immediate trial. Really? I guess the Biden family thinks they are above the law, just like their dear leader in the White House.

The federal appeals court ruled against Hunter’s flimsy arguments and set the trial date for June 3rd, which is just around the corner. This must come as a disappointment for Biden, who was hoping to delay the proceedings until after his trial in California.

Yes, you heard it right, Hunter Biden is also facing charges in California for failing to pay taxes, failure to file taxes, tax evasion, and filing a fraudulent form. It seems that crime runs in the family. Sadly, Hunter Biden has successfully been able to sway the California judge to postpone his tax trial. Shocking, right?

But wait, it gets even more interesting. Prosecutors in the gun trial are planning to call on some pretty interesting witnesses. That’s right, the list includes Biden’s ex-wife Kathleen Buhle, his late brother’s widow Hallie Biden, and a former “romantic” partner.

One of the witnesses, who was married to the defendant, bravely came forward to share that she would regularly check Hunter’s vehicle for drugs to protect their children. It’s a shame that a grown man needs his ex-wife to keep him in line, but then again, it’s just another day in the life of a Biden.

The third witness, whose name was not disclosed, is expected to testify that Hunter was in possession of the illegal firearm, and she saw him discard it in a trash receptacle at a local market. I wonder if this mystery person will be able to keep their story straight, considering Hunter’s history of dating his brother’s ex-wife. Talk about a dysfunctional family.

Hunter Biden has repeatedly pleaded not guilty to all charges as if anyone is surprised. He and his family clearly have a sense of entitlement and think they can do whatever they want without facing any consequences. But the American people are not fooled. We demand justice and accountability, regardless of your last name. And come June, it seems that Hunter Biden will have to face the music.