Biden Admin Notifies Congress About Weapons Shipment

The Biden administration has once again shown their lack of support for our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Despite the White House’s brief pause on a shipment of weapons to Israel last week, they are now reportedly moving forward with a $1 billion weapons package. This package includes tank ammunition, tactical vehicles, and mortar rounds.

However, this move comes with conditions. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated that the shipment of 2,000-pound bombs was paused because the White House does not believe they should be used in densely populated areas.

But this is not new for the Biden administration. Just last week, the White House advised Israel against their planned ground invasion of Rafah, a major stronghold for Hamas. Despite warnings from allies and experts, the Biden administration refused to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation.

The Biden administration is more interested in appeasing the radical left than standing strong with our allies. They have even threatened to veto a bill that would mandate offensive weaponry to be delivered to Israel, should it pass in Congress. By doing so, they are once again showing their lack of commitment to our closest ally in the region.

However, this decision now has the left is now fuming.

Despite the Democrats’ attempts to undermine Israel, House Republicans are standing strong in their support. They are pushing for the delivery of offensive weaponry to Israel and have rightly criticized the Biden administration’s actions. It is time for the Biden administration to prioritize the safety and security of our ally instead of succumbing to liberal agendas.

As House Democrats remain divided on the issue, we must show our unwavering support for Israel. They are fighting against terrorists and standing for freedom and democracy in a region full of turmoil. It is time for the Biden administration to stop playing politics and start standing with our allies.

The Biden administration’s move to send $1 billion worth of weapons to Israel may seem like a positive step forward. Still, their actions and conditions demonstrate a lack of commitment and understanding when it comes to supporting our allies. It is time for them to put aside their liberal agenda and prioritize the safety and security of our greatest ally in the Middle East.