MSNBC Interviews Gwinnett County, Georgia Group

MSNBC may have been hoping to find dissent among MAGA supporters because of former President Donald Trump’s ongoing criminal trials, but a recent trip to Gwinnett County, Georgia, shows that Trump is gaining supporters.

Reporter Blayne Alexander interviewed three Trump supporters who made it clear that any legal troubles faced by the former president are nothing more than politically motivated attacks aimed at tarnishing his reputation.

Antonio Jones stated that Trump’s trials have only strengthened his support for the former president, citing the convenient timing and locations of the trials as evidence of a political agenda.

Jones said, “It’s actually caused me to support him more. I just don’t believe there’s a coincidence that we have a trial happening in Atlanta. We have one happening in New York. So the question people are beginning to ask themselves, like I did, ‘Why now?’”

Even a first-time voter praised Trump’s tenacity in the face of legal battles brought forth by Democratic prosecutors and the Biden Justice Department. He noted that Trump has not given up and continues to fight for what is right.

Lisa Babbage, a Black woman, shared that many of her former Democrat friends have switched their political affiliations to independent and are now planning to vote for Trump. She explained that these individuals have felt marginalized and persecuted by the justice system and see a commonality between themselves and the former president.

Babbage said her friends “have felt persecuted by the system of American injustice, and it’s not a stretch for them to think that Trump may be a victim as well.”

Recent polls have reflected similar sentiments, with Trump receiving as much as 20% support among Black voters, a record high for any Republican presidential candidate since the Civil Rights Era. This support has not been lost on Biden, who has tried to appeal to Black Americans by making claims about white supremacy being the greatest threat to Americans today. He has also suggested adding questions about knowledge of slavery among Black Americans on the U.S. Census, a move that may cater to a renewed push for reparations in states like California.

But despite these attempts, Biden’s support among Black Americans seems to be slipping. Residents in Gwinnett County expressed their disappointment with the current administration and its handling of issues like immigration and the economy. One man on the street boldly stated that this whole presidency has been a failure.

It’s clear that Trump’s support among Black Americans is not faltering and, in fact, may be growing stronger. His steadfast determination to fight for what is right and stand up against political attacks resonates with many Americans who feel marginalized by the current administration. Democrats and their allies may want to take note if they hope to win over these voters in 2024.