Bates comments On Video

Hello everyone! Today, I have some insider information to share with you about the ongoing developments within President Biden’s campaign. This encompasses all the behind-the-scenes activities, so let’s dive right in!

Recently, Biden’s campaign staff and the Democratic National Committee staff convened for their second full-team conference call within a span of one week. The reason? There seems to be a budding issue with team morale and a sense of disillusionment within the ranks. Leaders are striving to keep their team motivated while also ensuring the donors and Democratic lawmakers remain onboard.

In an effort to boost morale, California Governor Gavin Newsom was invited to deliver a pep talk. His words of wisdom? “Worry less, do the work”. He also quoted an African proverb, “You wanna go fast, go alone. You wanna go far, go together.”  He praised Biden, stating that no other President has delivered more than him.

Shifting focus to Campaign chair Jen O’Malley Dillon, she remains resilient despite the fallout from Biden’s debate on June 27. She has been encouraging the staffers to forge ahead, mentioning that President Biden himself is keeping track of the campaign workers’ progress in key states.

Quentin Fulks, the Principal deputy campaign manager, also spoke to the staffers, recognizing the challenging week they had and urging them to rally together. Interestingly, the chat function during the call was disabled, preventing staffers from voicing their concerns in real-time.

Concerning the debate, it seems the senior leadership at the White House didn’t fully grasp how Biden’s performance affected their aides. At the Biden campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, the atmosphere during the watch party became significantly grim as Biden stumbled over his answers.

During the NATO Summit White House Senior Deputy Press Secretary and Deputy Assistant to the President Andrew Bates complained about a clip of Biden. A Trump team social media account roasted him asking if he was the one who laid down in the Axios report.

Trump’s reply:

Nevertheless, Biden’s team isn’t backing down. Kevin Munoz, a Biden campaign spokesperson, stated, “Here in HQ, we’re working really hard because on winning campaigns, you work really hard.” They continue to forge ahead, determined to make a difference.

That’s all for today, folks. The world of politics is never smooth sailing.