Biden Holds Meeting With Heads Of State Following Attack

President Biden has once again been caught relying on a crib sheet during an important public appearance. This time, the 81-year-old commander-in-chief was spotted turning to a script during an Oval Office sitdown with Iraq’s prime minister on Monday.

The scripted remarks, which included an all-caps direction on when to pause for an interpreter, clearly indicated that Biden was not speaking off the cuff. This is not the first time the president has been seen using a cheat sheet—he has a history of relying on note cards for impromptu comments, even at private fundraisers.

But this time, the stakes were much higher. As Iran launched an unprecedented direct missile and drone attack on Israel over the weekend, the world looked to the US for a response. Instead of making a public statement, Biden called a lid and released photos of himself and his team monitoring the situation in the Situation Room.

It was not until Monday, days after the attack, that Biden finally addressed the situation publicly. And even then, he could not do it without a crib sheet. While Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’a Al-Sudani did not need any notes when he made his own brief remarks, Biden could not speak without a script.

This reliance on scripted remarks is becoming a pattern for the president. He even needed a note card to remember to call on a specific reporter during a press conference in April of last year. It seems that Biden is struggling to remember even the simplest of details, which should be concerning for the American people.

But this time, the stakes were even higher. As Iran lays siege to Israel, one of America’s closest allies, Biden has once again been caught relying on notes rather than speaking from the heart. This behavior does not instill confidence in his leadership, especially when considering his track record of pressuring Israel to hold back on retaliating against Iran.

President Biden is not fit to lead our nation. He cannot even speak without a cheat sheet, let alone make crucial national security decisions. Americans deserve a leader who can think on their feet and speak from the heart, not one who needs a scripted prompt for every public appearance.