Biden Mixes Up French Leaders

Once again, President Joe Biden has found himself at the center of yet another gaffe, leaving the world wondering once again – “What did he just say?”

While delivering remarks at a Nevada rally ahead of the state’s primary election, the ultra-elderly commander-in-chief brought up a past G7 meeting in which he claimed he met with Mitterrand from Germany. The issue with that statement? Mitterrand, the former president of France, has been dead for over 25 years.

“I sat down and I said, ‘America’s back’ and Mitterrand from Germany — I mean from France looked at me and said, ‘You know why — how long you back for?’” remarked Biden, whose comments were quickly dubbed “udder insanity” by critics.

And it’s not the first time Biden has made this awkward and alarming mistake. In 2022, the presidential hopeful repeated the same mis-recollection in a similar story.

However, when White House transcripts of his speech were compared, the evidence became clear – Biden must have been talking about French President Emmanuel Macron, not dead French statesman Mitterrand.

Biden has become widely known for making gaffes over the years, but as the potential candidate gears up for a second term in the White House, concerns surrounding his age have reached a fever pitch. The president has succumbed to embarrassing verbal flubs and including physical missteps that have triggered speculation surrounding his mental health capabilities.

A recently released NBC News poll found that over 68% of registered voters in America are concerned about Biden maintaining both the mental and physical fitness required to hold his position as president.

Fearing history could repeat itself, Nikki Haley, a possible contender for the GOP presidential nomination and a youthful 52 years of age, has publicly pushed for mandatory mental competency tests for politicians over 75 years old. To hype the cause, Haley has been nicknaming the potential matchup between former President Donald Trump, now 77, and Biden, now an 81-year-old.

If today’s events are any indication, the “grumpy old men” appear to be living up to that reputation, especially Biden, as the worrisome questions surrounding his cognitive abilities continue to grow.