White House Rebuffs Biden Report

The White House is once again facing accusations of double talk and hypocrisy after a new report emerged claiming that President Joe Biden has privately insulted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to a Politico column by Jonathan Martin, the President has reportedly called the Israeli leader a “bad f—ing guy” in private conversations, sparking outrage among conservative critics.

The shocking revelation flies in the face of the Biden administration’s public stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict, where they have consistently stressed the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with our ally Israel. But according to Martin’s column, this public show of support may be a façade as the President harbors a “deep-seated fear” of being dragged into a larger Middle Eastern conflict by Netanyahu.

The White House was quick to issue a denial, with spokesperson Andrew Bates telling Politico that “the President did not say that, nor would he.” However, this statement contradicts the assertion by Martin that Biden has made these remarks in private, raising questions about the transparency and honesty of the current administration.

It’s no surprise that Biden harbors disdain for Netanyahu, as the columnist claims that virtually everyone in the Democratic party shares that sentiment. One House Democrat even recounted a dinner with other lawmakers, stating that “it was unanimous” that Biden needed to “stand up to Bibi.” This level of animosity towards our ally is extremely concerning and shows a lack of diplomatic tact by the President and his party.

It’s not just the left that is outraged, as Martin notes that even staunchly pro-Israel Democratic lawmakers are “deeply suspicious” of Netanyahu. This Democrat added, “Bibi is toxic among many Democratic voters and Biden must distance himself from him – yesterday.” This only further solidifies the claim that the Democratic party is out of touch with the majority of Americans who support a strong relationship with Israel.

Former Obama official and podcast host Tommy Vietor also criticized Biden’s public support for Netanyahu, stating that “you create political challenges for yourself when your public and private messaging aren’t aligned.” This raises the question – what exactly is Biden’s true stance on Israel? Is he willing to sell out our ally for personal political gain?

This revelation comes as no surprise to those who have been following Biden’s campaign and presidency. From the botched withdrawal in Afghanistan to the crisis at the southern border, it’s clear that Biden’s administration is plagued with inconsistency and incompetence. And it appears that this extends to his foreign relations as well.

The revelation that President Biden has privately insulted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is a stark reminder of the disingenuous nature of the current administration. While publicly proclaiming support for Israel, behind closed doors, Biden has revealed his true feelings towards our strong ally.

Fox News