Biden Team Announces Trip To Border

President Joe Biden made a bold move this week, announcing that he will finally be making the trip to the southern border. This is after months of inaction and excuses from the Biden administration on the ongoing crisis at the border that they helped create. In a desperate attempt to counter President Trump’s planned trip to the border, Biden has finally decided to make an appearance.

But wait, it gets better. Biden claims he planned this trip all along, conveniently leaving out the fact that Trump announced his trip first. Looks like Biden is trying to copy or counter Trump once again. He’s choosing to visit a different location than Trump, further proving that this is just a political stunt rather than a genuine effort to address the border crisis.

During a recent interview on the Seth Meyers show, Biden was asked about his upcoming border trip. The nerve of this man to claim he didn’t know about Trump’s trip and play it off as a coincidence. We all know Biden is seeing how much he’s “getting creamed” in the polls and is trying to salvage his reputation.

But the icing on the cake? Biden couldn’t even bring himself to issue a statement on the recent murder of nursing student Laken Riley by an illegal alien. And when the White House finally did issue a statement, it was as brief and indifferent as ever. No mention of Biden, no heartfelt condolences, just a quick “people should be held accountable if they are found guilty.” Sorry to break it to you, Biden, but one of the people who needs to be held accountable for this tragedy is none other than yourself.

Congressional members, such as Rep. Jim Banks, were quick to call out Biden for his lack of action and empathy. And rightly so. If the alleged murderer had been held accountable and deported like he should have been, this young woman might still be alive today. But no, Biden would rather ignore the issue and focus on his next round of ice cream. Hey, at least he’s consistent in his laziness and disregard for the American people.

Biden’s nerve knows no bounds. From trying to copy Trump’s border visit to ignoring the murder of an innocent American citizen, it’s clear that Biden is more concerned with politics and PR than actually solving the issues plaguing our country. But hey, at least he’ll have a nice photo-op and some sweet treats to show for it.

Red State