Terrance Bradley Testfied In Fulton County Hearing

Former law firm partner Terrance Bradley, who is now a divorce attorney, testified under oath about the personal relationship between Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

The two are being accused by former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants of having an illicit financial and romantic relationship that may compromise the election interference case against Trump.

Despite strong objections from defense attorneys citing attorney-client privilege, Judge Scott McAfee allowed Bradley to take the stand. During his two-hour testimony, Bradley claimed he couldn’t remember key details or specific information about conversations he had with Wade regarding his relationship with Willis, leaving many to wonder if he was truly being truthful.

But things took a bizarre turn when attorney Ashleigh Merchant presented text messages between her and Bradley, in which he had said he believed the relationship between Willis and Wade began before Wade was hired in 2021. When confronted with these text messages in court, Bradley appeared flustered and claimed he was only “speculating.” How convenient.

The defense team also pressed Bradley about his habit of passing on “lies about friends,” to which he responded, “I could have, I don’t know.” It seems like Bradley is doing everything he can to protect his former friend and client, Wade.

Adding insult to injury, Bradley had previously refused to answer certain questions under the guise of attorney-client privilege, but Judge McAfee determined that his testimony was not covered by privilege. It looks like Bradley may have been misusing his position as an attorney to cover up for his friend, Wade.

Earlier this month, Willis’ own father testified and confirmed that she had been taught to keep large sums of cash on hand at all times. This revelation could help explain how she was able to reimburse Wade for luxury trips without any recorded transactions. However, her father also claimed he didn’t meet Wade until 2023 and was unaware of their romantic relationship until seven weeks ago.

The defense is fighting to prove that there is a monetary trail tying Willis and Wade together, as well as to show that their relationship started before Wade was hired. Despite the testimony from a former friend of Willis’, who observed the two showing affection before 2021, Willis and Wade maintain that their relationship didn’t begin until after he was hired.

The highlight of the hearing was Willis’ unexpected and “belligerent” testimony, which even prompted the judge to threaten to strike it from the record. It seems like Willis is doing everything she can to protect herself and her lover, but the truth has a way of coming out in the end.

Fox News