Colorado Secretary of State Responds To Ruling

It was a day of bitter disappointment for the left as the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that former President Trump cannot be removed from states like Colorado, Illinois, and Maine, despite the efforts of liberals to do so.

During the noon Eastern hour of MSNBC, the level of despair was palpable as the left scrambled to process the devastating decision. Democrats across the country were left with buckets of tears as they watched their hopes of removing Trump from office dashed.

Harvard University professor emeritus Laurence Tribe and Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, both outspoken members of the left, appeared on the show to express their dismay. Filling in for the usual host, Katy Tur made it clear from the start that she was in lockstep with her liberal guests.

She took a petty swipe at the Supreme Court by referring to Griswold as the “actually elected” secretary of state, emphasizing that she “says Donald Trump is still an oath-breaking insurrectionist.”

Griswold’s initial reaction to the decision was one of disappointment, claiming that “states should be able under our institution to bar oathbreaking insurrectionists”. She went on to blame Trump and his allies for allegedly “continuing to attack our democracy” and spreading “lies and disinformation”. Griswold urged American voters to “save our democracy” in the upcoming November election.

Tur never challenged Griswold’s baseless claims, instead throwing softball questions that allowed her to spew more fearmongering and personal attacks against Trump. When Griswold was asked if she had confidence in the Supreme Court, she stated that it was her job to uphold their decisions, but went on to sarcastically criticize the Court for its alleged partisanship.

Tribe, an outspoken critic of Trump, also appeared on the show, accusing the Supreme Court of behaving like a “Super Legislature”. In an apocalyptic tone, Tribe claimed that the Court’s decision effectively kills the portion of the 14th Amendment that addresses insurrection, leaving the country vulnerable to “a would-be dictator who tries to overthrow the Constitution, stay in power”. He went on to paint Congress as dysfunctional and accused them of being unable to pass a statute that would hold Trump accountable.

Tur never challenged Tribe’s outlandish claims or questioned their validity. Instead, she praised the liberal justices for labeling Trump an “oathbreaking insurrectionist” and asked him to further explain how Congress could pass a law to hold Trump accountable before the election.

The entire segment was a reminder of the biased nature of liberal media, with both guests spewing baseless claims and relying on fearmongering tactics to push their agenda. The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision may have created disappointment for the left, but it also serves as a victory for democracy and the rule of law.

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