Judge In Trump Case Comments On Media

In a stunning display of bias and sensationalism, the leftist media has once again disregarded basic journalistic ethics in their coverage of the hush money trial of former president and Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump.

Despite specific instructions from Judge Juan Merchan to protect the anonymity and safety of the jurors, mainstream outlets such as ABC News, The Washington Post, and CBS have willfully and recklessly divulged identifying information about the selected jurors.

In a direct message to the press, Merchan scolded them for their irresponsible reporting, stating that it “defeats the purpose” of the jurors’ anonymity and endangers their safety. It is clear that the media’s pursuit of ratings and sensational headlines has once again trumped their responsibility to report with integrity and respect for the legal process.

“The press is certainly able and permitted to write about anything that’s on the record because it’s on the record,” said Merchan. “But I’m directing that the press simply applies common sense.”

ABC News even went so far as to publish an article entitled “Who are the first 7 jurors of Trump’s historic criminal trial” which included personal details such as their professions and places of residence. This kind of reckless reporting not only puts the jurors at risk, but also undermines the fairness and integrity of the entire trial.

This biased reporting not only affects the integrity of Trump’s trial but also demonstrates the larger issue of media bias against conservative ideology. It is time for the media to hold themselves to a higher standard and report with integrity and fairness rather than pushing their own political agendas.