KJP Comments On Biden Story

It seems the liberal media has once again proven their unwavering loyalty to the Biden administration, this time by downplaying President Joe Biden’s wild and unhinged story about his uncle supposedly being eaten by cannibals.

And who can forget the tired old excuse of “misstating” and being “off on the details” instead of just calling it what it is – lying. But of course, if it had been former President Donald Trump, the media would have spun it as the craziest thing they’ve ever heard.

But the real question was, how was White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre going to try and justify this nonsense? Would she, as usual, deflect the question and pass it off to another department? Oh no, she actually attempted to answer it. And boy, was it a doozy.

Apparently, President Biden was just “incredibly proud” of his uncle’s service during World War II. Well, that’s great, except that’s not really the issue here. It’s not about his uncle’s honorable service. It’s about the fact that Biden couldn’t resist embellishing the story and blatantly lying to the American people.

When pressed about his embellishments, Jean-Pierre had nothing but incoherent rambling to offer. She mentioned how emotional and important it was for Biden to highlight his uncle’s story at the war memorial. But let’s not forget, the memorial is there to honor and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, not for politicians to fabricate tall tales.

And the excuse that Biden was just trying to “lift up” our service members and contrast himself with former President Trump is just laughable. How exactly does lying about your uncle being eaten by cannibals serve to honor anyone? Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t. But I guess being “incredibly proud” gives you a free pass to lie to the American people and spread phony stories.

The Biden administration has no obligation to tell the truth as long as they can spin it to make themselves look good. And if you’re not on board with their alternate reality, you must be some kind of Trump supporter, right?

But let’s not forget the real heroes here – the brave men and women who serve our country and sacrifice everything for our freedom. They deserve to be honored and respected, not used as pawns in a political game of lies and deceit. It’s time for the Biden administration to stop with the grandstanding and start telling the truth, for once. But then again, when has a Democrat ever let the truth get in the way of their agenda?