John Kirby Gets Promoted

The Biden administration is facing another major shakeup, as John Kirby, the former “US National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications,” is reportedly being promoted to an even more prominent role in the White House. This news was revealed during the Super Bowl, which seems like an attempt by the White House to slip this news by the American people.

According to Reuters, Kirby will be taking on the new role of “White House national security communications adviser.” This means he will have direct access to President Biden, which is a major position of power. Many are wondering if this promotion was planned all along, or if it is a reaction to the ongoing crises plaguing the Biden administration.

According to Red State, Kirby will:

He will be in charge of communications coordination for national security across a variety of agencies, the official said.

Kirby will preside over a separate team from the National Security Council’s press office, which will continue its daily press operations as usual. It is headed by chief spokesperson Adrienne Watson.

Kirby has been one of the most visible faces of the Biden White House, frequently joining the podium for briefings alongside press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to brief on national security issues, particularly since the Hamas attacks on Israel on Oct. 7 and Israel’s subsequent attack on Gaza.

One can’t help but wonder how current White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre feels about this news. Rumors have been swirling for months that her poor performance at the podium would lead to her being replaced by Kirby. It seems her fears have now become a reality. While Jean-Pierre’s struggles may have prompted this shakeup, the real reason is likely the Biden administration’s poor messaging strategy.

From the border crisis to Biden’s mental health, and the struggling economy, the Biden administration has been plagued by messaging disasters. Their current communications team is not up to the task of effectively selling the Biden agenda to the American people.

Perhaps the Biden administration should focus less on promoting their messaging team and more on actually improving their policies for the American people. You can run all the commercials you want, but if the product is no good, people still won’t buy it. This promotion of Kirby may seem like a band-aid solution to some, but the real problem is the Biden administration’s failed leadership. And no amount of messaging is going to change that.

Red State