Biden Joins TikTok

Move over TikTok teens, it looks like Joe Biden is trying to get in on the action. Yes, the same app that has been banned by the federal government over security concerns.

Apparently, the Biden campaign believes that winning over the youth vote is more important than national security. What else is new?

Joe Biden’s campaign launched its TikTok account during the Super Bowl on Sunday, with the username “@bidenhq”. Nothing says “serious presidential candidate” like joining a social media platform known for its dance challenges and viral lip-syncing videos.

In a cringe-worthy launch video, Biden’s aides quizzed the 78-year-old about his Super Bowl preferences. Spoiler alert: his team tried to make a joke, and it fell flat.

But it’s not just about the cringe factor. Several states have joined the federal government in banning TikTok from their devices, citing concerns that the Chinese-owned app could be giving sensitive user data to the communist government. And yet, Biden’s campaign doesn’t seem to care about protecting our country from potential cyber-attacks.

And get this, the account won’t even be run by the president himself. Clearly, someone in the Biden camp thought it was a good idea for a group of inexperienced, 20-something campaign staffers to handle a major platform that reaches millions of young Americans. It’s almost like they want to get hacked.

But hey, at least we know where Joe Biden stands on the important issues. Like which football team his wife wants him to root for and whether or not Taylor Swift is scheming with the NFL to rig the election in his favor. Talk about hard-hitting journalism.

But in all seriousness, it’s clear that the Biden campaign is desperate to reach young voters. And why wouldn’t they be? Recent polls have shown that Biden is losing support among younger demographics, with some even showing former President Trump ahead.

In the end, it’s just another example of Biden’s lack of judgment and his campaign’s scrambling to cover up his weaknesses. But hey, at least he’ll have some viral dance videos to distract from his gaffes and questionable past.