Johnson Responds To Biden Decision On Israeli Aid

Former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden on Thursday for threatening to withhold weapons from Israel, accusing him of siding with Hamas terrorists in the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

In a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump slammed Biden for his recent remarks during a CNN interview, where he stated that the U.S. would not supply weapons to Israel if it proceeded with its planned invasion of Rafah. Trump accused Biden of “taking the side of these terrorists” and claimed that the war in Gaza and Ukraine would not have escalated if he was still in office.

“Biden is weak, corrupt, and leading the world straight into World War III…Crooked Joe is caving to the Far-Left Pro-Terrorist Mobs because his donors are funding them, and he is too WEAK to demand LAW AND ORDER!”

The former president also attacked Biden for his handling of protests on college campuses, labeling them as “Pro-Terrorist Mobs.” He claimed that Biden’s donors were funding these protests, accusing the president of being weak and corrupt.

Trump’s comments were echoed by Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who accused Biden of betraying Israel and not standing by its allies. Romney claimed that the U.S. should not “second guess” its allies and that Biden’s decision to withhold weapons from Israel was a bad move.

In a separate interview with Politico, Speaker Mike Johnson expressed his disappointment with Biden’s threats to withhold weapons from Israel. Johnson, who recently survived an ouster attempt by a far-right faction of House Republicans, revealed that he had privately contacted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to fact-check reports about a weapons cutoff.

“I was in the SCIF having classified discussions with some top administration officials,” Johnson said, referring to a secure facility in the Capitol. “My concern was we got word about these…shipments of munitions being delayed. And that was a great concern to us because I got commitments from top administration officials before we passed the supplemental package for the aid to Israel that that would not happen.”

Johnson also expressed hope that Biden’s remarks were merely a “senior moment” and not reflective of the administration’s policy. He emphasized the importance of standing by allies, especially during these perilous times when the world is faced with conflicts and challenges.

The speaker also condemned the 11 House Republicans who voted to move forward with a motion to vacate his position, calling it a “frivolous palace intrigue” and emphasizing the need for a functioning Congress. He claimed that the overwhelming vote against removing him was a signal that both sides of the aisle understood the gravity of the situation.

“These are perilous times for the country,” he said. ”The world is on fire. There are hot wars around the globe. We have allies in jeopardy, our borders wide open. The cost of living is through the roof. The crime rates through the roof. We’re projecting weakness on the world stage. We got antisemitism and angry mobs on college campuses. This is no time for frivolous palace intrigue and politics. We have got to have a functioning Congress. And I think the large, you know, the landslide vote tonight against removing the speaker is a signal that I think people on both sides of the aisle obviously understand this is not a time for games.”

It remains to be seen how the ongoing conflict in Gaza will be resolved as tensions continue to rise amid calls for a ceasefire.