Man Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Kidnap 4 Year Old

In a shocking incident in Miami, an immigrant father from Cuba heroically fought off a kidnapper who tried to snatch his four-year-old son in broad daylight. The attempted abduction occurred at a CVS drug store on February 8 and was caught on recently released camera footage.

The father, Hassan Rodriguez, and his family had only been in the country for a month when the terrifying incident happened. The family had moved to Florida from Cuba in search of a better life, but they were met with a terrifying situation that could have ended tragically.

The alleged kidnapper, Nicolas Sternaman, brazenly attempted to snatch the young boy as he exited the store with his parents. He managed to grab the child by the neck before Rodriguez stepped in and fought him off. The father’s heroic actions prevented what could have been a devastating outcome, as he claimed, “If I’m not behind him, he would have killed him.”

The shocking incident left the family shaken, with the mother urging parents to “be aware of your child every second because in one second they can be taken away.” The father echoed her sentiments, emphasizing the importance of always keeping an eye on one’s children.

It is outrageous that such a heinous act could occur in broad daylight at a store where people are supposed to feel safe. This incident serves as a reminder that the safety of our children should always be a top priority.

The heroism of Rodriguez and another bystander, Deven Surajpal, who also chased after the suspect and called 911, is commendable. As a father of five children himself, Surajpal noted that he “just felt [the father’s] pain” and didn’t want the alleged kidnapper to get away.

Shockingly, Sternaman has a prior arrest for petty theft in Miami Beach and is still awaiting trial for the incident. It is unacceptable that an individual with a criminal history was able to roam freely and put innocent children in danger.