Nathan Wade Sits Down for Interview With CNN

There’s recently been more drama involving Nathan Wade, the former special prosecutor in the Trump case in Georgia. His recent interview with CNN didn’t quite go as planned, and it has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. Here’s what went down.

Nathan Wade, who was forced to resign from the Trump case due to his romantic relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, appeared on CNN in an attempt to clear his name. It seems he expected CNN to be a friendly platform where he could share his side of the story. However, things took an unexpected turn during his interview with Kaitlan Collins.

Collins started by asking Wade about his current relationship with Willis. Wade described them as great friends and tried to shift the conversation towards the challenges they face, such as handling threats. He painted himself as a noble defender of democracy, but the real fireworks began when Collins asked about the timeline of his romantic relationship with Willis.

Wade’s response was anything but smooth. He began to dismiss the importance of the dates but was abruptly interrupted by someone off-camera signaling him. His team then whisked him away for a quick consultation in the middle of the interview, leaving Collins and the audience hanging.

When Wade returned, Collins revisited the question about the start and end of his romantic relationship with Willis. Wade dodged the specifics, labeling the issue as a distraction and insisting that the focus should be on the facts of the case and the indictment. Collins pressed further, but Wade refused to provide more details, stating he wouldn’t jeopardize the case.

Despite his evasive answers, Wade did mention that he didn’t think his relationship with Willis was a mistake—a statement that might come back to haunt him. The scandal surrounding his relationship with Willis has certainly cast a shadow over the legal proceedings against Trump.

The case against former President Donald Trump is now on hold pending appeal, making it unlikely to reach a verdict before the upcoming election. This delay, along with the drama and scandal, has weakened the legal efforts against Trump rather than helping them.