Old Clip Of VP Raises Questions

Hey everyone! Let’s dive into the latest social media uproar targeting Vice President Kamala Harris.

Conservatives are up in arms over a viral video compilation showcasing Harris repeatedly defending President Biden’s mental sharpness across various interviews and events. The video, shared by conservative communicator Steve Guest on X, has garnered nearly a million views and ignited a firestorm of criticism.

Guest’s post was blunt: “WATCH: Over 6 minutes of Kamala Harris covering up Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.” He pointed out Harris’s persistent assurances that Biden is “very bold and vibrant” and “tireless in terms of working,” labeling these statements as lies.

Donald Trump Jr. joined the fray, asserting, “No one has lied more to the American people about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline than Kamala Harris!” Republican communicator Matt Whitlock also chimed in, highlighting the complications a Harris switch might entail, given her central role in what he calls a “cover-up.”

Fusilli Spock, a popular conservative account, took it further by accusing a broad spectrum of figures and media outlets of deceit: “Joe lied. Kamala lied. Jill lied. KJP lied. Democrats lied. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC lied. WaPo, NYT, LA Times lied. Online pundits lied.” According to him, these lies are shamelessly perpetuated in the pursuit of power.

The video includes a clip from February 2024, where Harris emphatically states, “Our president is in good shape, in good health, and is ready to lead in our second term.” In another clip from March 2024, she declares, “I’m ready, if necessary, but it’s not gonna be necessary,” emphasizing her readiness to step in, but dismissing the need.

This controversy arises amidst increasing calls from pundits and Democrats for Biden to drop out of the presidential race following his lackluster debate performance in late June. His performance failed to allay concerns about his age and mental fitness, sparking speculation that Harris could be a potential replacement.

Despite the mounting pressure, Biden has remained resolute. He sent a letter to Democrats in Congress, affirming his “firm commitment to staying in this race” and arguing that questioning his candidacy only aids Trump. During a phone interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Biden declared, “The bottom line here is that we’re not going anywhere. I am not going anywhere.”

“I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t absolutely believe that I am the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in 2024,” he added. First Lady Jill Biden echoed this sentiment in North Carolina, stating, “Joe has made it clear he is all in,” and affirming her unwavering support.