Police Give Update After College Request

A group of protesters, many of whom were not even students at Columbia University, took over one of the buildings on campus. This clearly crossed the line from peaceful protest to criminal activity. And thanks to the body-worn cameras worn by New York City police officers, we now have video evidence of this disturbing incident.

The video shows the NYPD bravely and professionally taking control of the situation. As the protesters chanted outside, the officers approached the building, prepared to do their duty to protect the students and campus from these outside agitators. It must be noted that the protesters were not simply passionate students, but instead, many of them are “professionals” who had traveled from outside the city just to cause chaos and destruction.

These outside instigators took advantage of already emotionally charged students by manipulating them into taking over the building. It’s despicable that they would use young minds in such a way, but it’s not surprising. These individuals are experts at spreading their hate-filled message and causing chaos wherever they go. But the NYPD was not fooled for a second and quickly put a stop to their dangerous and illegal actions.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Tarik Sheppard said, “They are professionals. They may just fly in for a day or two and leave. You’ll see them traveling around the country, and they have funding.”

“The students are already passionate and upset about an issue, and now you have a person whispering in your ear ‘Hey, you know, we should take over the building’ or something like that,” Sheppard added. “When young minds that are in that state, it’s pretty easy to then be influenced by somebody who is a professional at manipulation.”

The bodycam footage clearly shows that the protesters had barricaded themselves inside the building, going so far as to create a makeshift barrier with furniture. The officers had no choice but to cut through it, facing potential danger in the process. And yet, their determination to protect the students and maintain law and order prevailed.

As the situation escalated, the officers were even forced to consider using flashbang grenades, a tactic used to disorient and disperse a crowd. This was a last resort and only reinforces the bravery and professionalism of the NYPD in handling this situation.

But this isn’t just about the actions of a few protesters, or even the university’s failure to control the situation. This is about the rise of anti-Semitism on our college campuses. The fact that these outside agitators were pushing their hateful agenda, while students were chanting “Free, free Palestine!” speaks volumes about the dangerous climate that these individuals are creating.

Thankfully, the NYPD has made it clear that they will continue to have a presence on the campus to prevent any further incidents. And while we support the right to peaceful protest, it’s imperative that we draw a line when it comes to illegal and dangerous behavior.