Protests Take Place At LSU

A new trend has swept college campuses in recent days as patriotic students have bravely stood up to anti-American, pro-Hamas activists. This display of national pride and love for our country is exactly what American universities need in the face of such blatant disrespect for our nation.

On Friday, Louisiana State University became the latest campus to see a clash between patriotic students and pro-Hamas protesters. The counter-protesters chanted “USA” to drown out the anti-American rhetoric and show their support for our nation.

This trend has not been limited to LSU. On Thursday, students at the University of Mississippi stood up to protesters by belting out our national anthem, drowning out the chants of those who seek to devalue our nation. Similarly, students at the University of Alabama and the University of North Carolina’s Chapel Hill campus also chanted “USA” in the face of pro-Hamas activists.

These displays of patriotism are a breath of fresh air in a time when so many are quick to condemn America. It is heartening to see young people defending their nation and refusing to let the values it stands for be trampled upon.

At Chapel Hill, fraternity brothers bravely stepped in to prevent an American flag from touching the ground as protesters attempted to replace it with a Palestinian flag. Despite facing insults, water, and other objects, these young men stood strong and defended the symbol of their country. As a result, a GoFundMe was set up to fund a “rager” as a reward for their bravery.

It is clear that these students have a deep love for their country and are willing to defend it, even in the face of adversity. This is a powerful reminder that America is still a nation to be proud of and that the values it stands for are worth defending.

It is unfortunate that these displays of patriotism have been met with such hostility from those who seek to undermine our nation. However, the bravery and determination of these young students give hope that the tide may be turning against the anti-American sentiments that have been allowed to fester on our college campuses for far too long.

At a time when our national anthem and flag are under attack, it is refreshing to see young people taking a stand and proudly chanting “USA.” This is a reminder to all of us that we should never take our freedom and the values of our nation for granted.