Section Of Psaki Book Sparks Debate

MSNBC host Jen Psaki is under fire for downplaying President Biden’s controversial behavior during a 2021 ceremony honoring US service members who were killed in Afghanistan.

In her new book, “Say More,” Psaki claimed that Biden never looked at his watch “during the ceremony.” However, this version was quickly debunked by pictures and firsthand accounts from Gold Star families.

It’s concerning that Psaki, who was Biden’s White House press secretary and is now a reliable supporter for him at MSNBC, would try to rewrite history to protect the president’s image. It’s even more concerning that she would dismiss the experiences of grieving families who witnessed the president’s actions firsthand.

After facing criticism and backlash online, Psaki finally admitted that her version of events was incorrect and stated that it would be removed in future book reprints. But the damage has already been done. Psaki attempted to cover for Biden’s insensitive behavior, and her dishonesty is a disservice to the American people.

It’s sad when the supposed “facts” reported by a ‘trusted’ news source are completely false. This incident is reminiscent of the way mainstream media outlets like MSNBC and CNN consistently mislead the public with their biased reporting. It’s a clear example of the liberal media covering for their chosen politician instead of holding them accountable for their actions.

The fact that Psaki would also mistakenly cite a Washington Post passage in an attempt to support her false claims only adds to the lack of credibility coming from MSNBC. It’s no wonder that conservatives and Republicans are often labeled as conspiracy theorists when news outlets like MSNBC continue to push false narratives and defend those in power instead of telling the truth.

It’s also worth noting that Psaki’s book is titled “Say More: Lessons from Work, the White House, and the World,” yet she failed to learn a valuable lesson herself: honesty is always the best policy. As a former press secretary, Psaki should understand the importance of transparency and accuracy in reporting. Instead, she chose to protect her former boss and potentially damage the credibility of her own book in the process.

This incident is just one more example of the media’s blatant bias and dishonesty when it comes to reporting on Democratic politicians. It’s time for Americans to demand more integrity and accountability from our news sources. We cannot continue to let the liberal media twist the truth and paint their chosen politicians in a positive light while discrediting anyone who disagrees with them.

Jen Psaki’s attempt to downplay President Biden’s actions at the 2021 ceremony for fallen soldiers is just another example of the liberal media’s lack of integrity and their desire to protect those in power, no matter the cost. It’s time for Americans to demand better from our news sources and hold them accountable for their biased and dishonest reporting.