Texas Governor Announces New National Guard Base

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is taking bold action to secure the border amidst a surge in illegal immigration and a crisis caused by the Biden administration. At a press conference on Friday, Abbott announced the construction of a Forward Operating Base in the Del Rio sector to house Texas National Guard soldiers who have been deployed to address the situation.

The new Texas Military Department base camp will support the state’s efforts to secure the border, which has been overwhelmed with illegal immigration since President Biden took office. The base, located on 80 acres of land in Eagle Pass, will regularly house up to 1,800 soldiers and is designed to accommodate up to 2,300 soldiers if needed. It will provide soldiers with their own rooms and amenities such as a dining facility, recreation center, laundry facilities, WiFi access, chaplain services, and health services.

Major General Thomas Suelzer, the Adjutant General of Texas, stated “In the coming weeks, we will also be expanding operations north and south of Eagle Pass, putting up additional barriers to fortify our border.” The Texas Military Department is also expanding its capabilities with the acquisition of three more fan boats and the expansion of its drone program and radar truck capabilities.

This new base will greatly improve the conditions for the soldiers who are currently spread out across the region in cramped quarters and often have to travel long distances to perform their duties. In addition to providing a better living and working environment, the base will also allow for more efficient and effective operations as soldiers will be able to work and train together in one location.

Since launching Operation Lone Star, Texas has spent billions of dollars on efforts to secure the border. These efforts have resulted in over 500,000 illegal immigrant apprehensions and more than 39,500 criminal arrests, with over 35,600 felony charges. In the fight against the fentanyl crisis, Texas law enforcement has also seized over 467 million lethal doses of fentanyl during this border mission.

Governor Abbott’s announcement comes as Texas and other border states continue to deal with the consequences of President Biden’s immigration policies. The surge in illegal immigration is placing a strain on border communities and overwhelming law enforcement. The construction of the Forward Operating Base is just the latest action taken by Abbott and the state of Texas to address this crisis and protect their borders.

The construction of this base is a significant step in the state’s efforts to secure the border and support the National Guard soldiers who are working tirelessly to protect the state. As the Biden administration continues to falter in its response to the border crisis, Governor Abbott and Texas are taking matters into their own hands to protect their state and their citizens.