Abbott Pardons Former Army Sergeant

In a decision that has outraged liberals across the country, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued a full pardon for former U.S. Army sergeant Daniel Perry, who was convicted of murder for defending himself against an armed protester during a 2020 Black Lives Matter march.

This move came after a unanimous recommendation by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, which the governor appoints.

Gov. Abbott stated, “The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles conducted an exhaustive review of U.S. Army Sergeant Daniel Perry’s personal history and the facts surrounding the July 2020 incident and recommended a Full Pardon and Restoration of Full Civil Rights of Citizenship. I thank the Board for its thorough investigation, and I approve their pardon recommendation.”

The shooting took place during a summer of nationwide riots sparked by the death of George Floyd. Amid the chaos and violence, 28-year-old Garrett Foster was legally carrying an AK-47 rifle through downtown Austin when he approached Perry’s vehicle.

Perry, who was stationed at Fort Hood and had served in the Army for over a decade, had a concealed carry permit and testified that he feared for his life when Foster raised the rifle.

The left is furious, remember the guy turned onto the wrong street and had a gun pointed at him.

Despite overwhelming evidence in support of Perry’s claim of self-defense, liberal prosecutors argued that he could have simply driven away instead of opening fire. However, witnesses testified that they did not see Foster raise his weapon, and a forensic psychologist testified that Perry suffers from PTSD from his deployment to Afghanistan and childhood bullying.

Tragically, a jury still found Perry guilty of murder, and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. But thanks to Gov. Abbott’s pardon, Perry will be released and have his firearms rights restored. His attorney, Douglas K. O’Connell, said Perry is “thrilled and elated to be free” and hopes for a brighter future.

However, Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza has blasted the pardon, accusing the governor and board of prioritizing politics over justice and sending a message that “some lives matter and some lives do not.” This statement is a disgrace and shows Garza’s lack of respect for Texas’s self-defense laws and the Second Amendment.

Garza’s criticism only highlights the stark contrast between Republican and Democrat views on law and order. The Democrats have once again shown they are willing to ignore the rule of law and disregard the rights of law-abiding citizens in pursuit of their radical, anti-gun agenda. But thanks to Gov. Abbott’s bold and just decision, justice has been served in the case of Daniel Perry.