Biden Agrees to Debate With Trump

After a back-and-forth of jabs and challenges, former President Trump and President Biden have agreed to face off in two debates ahead of November’s election.

Biden, who has been noticeably absent from public events, threw the first jab when he released a video challenging Trump to a debate and mocking his refusal to participate in the 2024 Republican primary debates. Biden then challenged Trump to a debate on CNN on June 27th and ABC on September 10th, to which Trump accepted.

The two candidates will finally come face-to-face for the first time since the 2020 election cycle, giving Biden an opportunity to prove himself after the countless gaffes and questionable actions during his time in office.

Not one to back down from a fight, Trump quickly fired back at Biden on his social media platform, Truth Social. He called Biden the “WORST debater” he’s ever faced and accused him of being the “WORST President in the history of the United States.” He also criticized Biden’s policies on open borders, inflation, and foreign policy, claiming they are “allowing the world to catch on fire.”

The two candidates agreed on the dates for the debates, with both expressing their readiness and willingness to debate each other. Trump even suggested having more than two debates, as he believes it will excite the American people. However, Biden’s campaign has already rejected this idea, noting Trump’s history of “playing games” with debates.

It’s worth noting that the first debate will take place before either candidate has officially been named as their party’s nominee, showing the eagerness and readiness of Biden and Trump to debate each other.

Biden’s proposal for a televised debate in June bypasses the nonpartisan committee that has organized debates for decades. This move allows the candidates to negotiate directly with each other without being influenced by a partisan backup team. The Biden campaign also suggested limiting the debate audience to prevent disruptions and focusing on the American voters watching at home.

The timing of the proposed debates may also be favorable for Trump, as he has often complained about the late timing of debates in past elections. This year’s debates will take place before many Americans have already voted, giving both candidates a fair chance to make their arguments.

Sources close to Trump suggest that he genuinely believes he can outshine Biden in the debates due to his belief that Biden suffers from dementia. Trump sees this as an opportunity to make his rival appear “addled and aged”, although, let’s be real, we’ve all seen it already.