Biden ‘Condolences’ Draw Fierce Debate

The United Nations, an organization known for its flawed and biased policies, once again showed its true colors by mourning the death of a notorious murderer.

Ebrahim Raisi, the Iranian President known as the “butcher of Tehran,” met his end in a helicopter crash over the weekend. But instead of condemning his actions, the U.N. held a moment of silence to mourn his death.

Not only was this action disgraceful, but the fact that the American ambassador, Robert Wood, stood to join the moment of silence clearly indicates the Biden administration’s weakness and lack of leadership on the world stage. How can we have an ambassador mourn the death of someone responsible for the deaths of thousands and openly endorsed “death to America”? This is just another shameful moment for the Biden administration.

United States Ambassador Robert Wood standing for a known murderer who also called for “death to America.”

Let’s take a look at Raisi’s track record, a long list of atrocities that the United Nations has conveniently turned a blind eye to for years. As the deputy prosecutor general of Tehran, Raisi was part of a four-member panel known as the Death Commission. This commission was responsible for the 1988 massacre of thousands of political dissidents in Iran. Raisi and his fellow commission members decided who lived and who died, and the wrong answer to their questions would mean death.

The victims were brutally executed, usually by hanging or firing squad, and their bodies were buried in unmarked mass graves. The regime even withheld information from the families of the victims and forbade them from mourning in public. Raisi has not only defended these killings but also called them one of the proudest achievements of the regime.

But Raisi’s bloodshed did not end there. His subsequent roles as deputy chief justice, attorney general, and chief justice allowed him to oversee the prosecution and execution of countless detainees. He was responsible for the imprisonment, torture, and killings of innocent Iranians.

Despite his heinous actions, the Biden administration’s State Department shamefully offered their condolences for his death, along with the death of other members of his delegation. But we stand with the Iranian people and their fight for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

“The United States expresses its official condolences for the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian, and other members of their delegation in a helicopter crash in northwest Iran. As Iran selects a new president, we reaffirm our support for the Iranian people and their struggle for human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

It is time for the United Nations to stop ignoring the atrocities committed by the Iranian regime and start holding them accountable. The Iranian people deserve justice for the thousands of lives that were taken by Raisi and his regime. And the Biden administration must take a strong stand against this tyrant and his government instead of offering their condolences.