Biden Speaks At Morehouse College

As the country continues to navigate through divisive political and social issues, many are turning their backs on President Joe Biden, including some graduates of one of the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Morehouse College.

While delivering a commencement address at the prestigious school, Biden faced a group of graduates and faculty members who refused to face him, instead turning their backs as he spoke.

According to reports, at least seven graduates and a faculty member turned their backs on Biden as he addressed the graduating class. A group of students also walked out as Biden received an honorary degree.

The reason behind this demonstration? The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Some of the graduates were seen wearing Palestinian flags or scarves, showing their support for the Palestinian side of the conflict. Valedictorian DeAngelo Jeremiah Fletcher even used his speech to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, interrupting the celebratory milestone of graduation with his political agenda.

However, instead of addressing the needs and interests of American citizens, Biden chose to interject his own political agenda during his address. He spoke of adding more black individuals to his administration and the courts, using the platform to divide the country along racial lines further. And while Biden clapped in response to Fletcher’s statement on Gaza, he failed to address the rise of anti-semitism and violence against the Jewish community in America.

Leading up to the graduation ceremony, faculty members at Morehouse expressed concerns about rumors they were hearing about Biden’s address. This goes to show how divided our country has become. Moreover, the college chose to extend an opportunity for faculty and students to voice their concerns while making it clear that the invitation for Biden to speak would not be revoked.

It is not surprising that polls show a growing number of black voters, particularly black men, plan to support former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election. The continuous failure of Biden to address the concerns of all Americans, not just those who support his political agenda, is alienating voters from all backgrounds.