Biden Challenged For Leaving Israel Without A Single American Hostage

President Joe Biden faced a lot of backlash on Wednesday after he traveled to Tel Aviv to speak with Israeli leaders about last week’s horrific terrorist attacks. He left later in the day without seeing a single American hostage freed by their Hamas terrorist captors in Gaza.

Biden met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and then, in his public remarks, urged Israel to respond with deliberation rather than allowing themselves to be “consumed by rage.”

The president promised $100 million in aid for the civilians in Gaza, and Biden barely mentioned the dozens of hostages Hamas terrorists are still holding — several of whom are believed to be American citizens.

Disaster in Israel,” Richard Grenell, former acting Director of National Intelligence, posted on X. What about the US hostages, @JakeSullivan46?!? Why didn’t Joe Biden talk about our HOSTAGES?!”

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) asked, “Did I miss the part of Joe Biden’s speech about the American hostages?”

“Is Joe Biden really going to leave the Middle East without a single American hostage being freed?” another posted, followed by, “Yup. Biden left without any American hostages. At this point him leaving Americans behind is routine.”

Defense attorney Marina Medvin lambasted the presdient after he left Israel, saying that he never should have agreed to send any aid into Gaza — especially as long as there were still Americans held hostage there by Hamas terrorists.

“I am outraged at Biden giving $100,000,000.00 of US taxpayer funds to Hamas, the government of Gaza. They’re holding babies, children, young girls hostage. They are holding AMERICANS hostage. And our president gave them taxpayer funds?!?” Medvin posted via X. “I am fuming. This is absolutely atrocious. They slaughtered 1,400 people, a third of them little kids, in the most horrific and torturous ways, annihilating full families, and Biden tipped them.”

And Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis shared a similar sentiment, referring to Biden’s promised $100 million in aid money as a “gift to Hamas” and said it amounted to the Biden administration funding the terror group while they still held American hostages.