Biden Speaks At NAACP Dinner In Michigan

President Biden continues to astound us with his outlandish claims and recycled rhetoric. During an NAACP campaign event in Michigan, Biden made a shocking statement – that he was vice president during the pandemic.

Despite what Biden claims, we all know that the pandemic began under President Trump’s leadership. Trump took action to combat the virus, including imposing travel restrictions and mobilizing the private sector to produce life-saving supplies. President Trump, not Obama, was at the helm during this challenging time.

But it seems that Biden can’t help but rewrite history to fit his own narrative. Claiming that Obama dispatched him to help with the response in Detroit is not only false, but it’s also insulting to President Trump’s and his administration’s hard work and sacrifices. Biden habitually exaggerates his experiences and qualifications, but this lie takes the cake. It’s time for Biden to stop pretending and start being honest with the American people.

Biden’s speech was not only filled with lies, but it was also full of attacks on Republicans and Trump supporters. He called Trump and his supporters extreme and accused them of wanting to ban books and engage in other outrageous behaviors. These claims couldn’t be further from the truth. It is Biden and his Democratic colleagues who are leading the charge toward censorship and silencing opposing viewpoints.

It’s also concerning that Biden seems to have a particular fixation on President Trump. He continually references him and makes baseless accusations, such as claiming that Trump suggested injecting bleach to treat COVID-19. This is a complete distortion of what Trump actually said, and it’s irresponsible for Biden to continue to spread this misinformation.

“All that progress is at risk. Trump is trying to make the country forget just how dark things were… when he was president,” Biden said.

“We will never forget him lying about how serious the pandemic was, telling Americans ‘just inject bleach’ – I think that’s what he did. I think that’s why he’s so screwy.”

Biden’s delusional statements and unfounded attacks on Trump only further demonstrate his inability to lead. He has spent more time lying and denigrating his opponents than he has, focusing on the American people and the issues that matter most. We need a president who will put our country first, not their own political vendettas.

As the 2024 midterms approach, it’s clear that Biden’s support is slipping. According to a recent Fox News Poll, Trump has gained two percentage points in Michigan since February, bringing him to a near tie with Biden. It’s no wonder why Biden is resorting to lies and desperate attacks – he knows that he’s losing support from the people.