Biden Visit Raises Questions

Unsurprisingly, the Biden family is involved in yet another scandal. From Hunter Biden’s troubled past to the influence-peddling scheme involving his father, it seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

And now, President Biden dares to visit his daughter-in-law, who is set to testify in Hunter’s gun trial. It’s almost like he’s trying to sway her testimony or show his family still sticks together, even in the face of possible illegal activity. But hey, who needs the rule of law when you’re a powerful politician, right?

Let’s not forget that Hallie was previously married to Joe Biden’s late son, Beau, before starting an affair with his brother, Hunter. It’s no wonder his first marriage fell apart, with the kind of scandalous behavior being displayed in this family. But as long as Joe and Jill Biden support their relationship, I guess all is well in their eyes.

But what’s even more concerning is the involvement of Hunter in an influence-peddling scheme that includes his father. It seems the Biden family is more concerned with personal gain than upholding the integrity of our country. And let’s not forget that Hunter only stopped getting paid by these foreign oligarchs once his father left office. It’s not a coincidence, folks.

So, while Joe Biden enjoys a nice visit with his daughter-in-law before her testimony, we must demand the truth about Hunter’s actions. The American people deserve to know the full extent of the Biden family’s corruption and how it may have influenced Joe’s political career. And let’s hope justice is served in Hunter’s trial despite his father’s alleged attempt to manipulate the situation.