Chelsea Clinton Comments On Why She Left Church

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and it seems that this is certainly the case for Chelsea Clinton. In a recent interview, the daughter of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton revealed that she left the Baptist Church at the tender age of six because of their strong pro-life stance on abortion.

It’s hard to imagine a six-year-old making such a bold decision, but according to Chelsea, it was the Sunday School teachings on the sanctity of human life that drove her away. She even claims that she left before her own father, former President Bill Clinton, did. Talk about paving the way for her parents!

But what’s even more concerning is Chelsea’s admission that she finds it insulting when people question her family’s faith. Maybe it’s because her mother’s faith is apparently so strong that it guides her moral compass and life’s work in advocating for all kinds of immoral acts.

It’s no surprise that the Clintons have a history of leaving churches when things don’t align with their beliefs. Just look at Bill’s convenient conversion to Methodism, and Chelsea’s decision to leave the Baptist Church because of their stance on abortion. It seems that for this family, religion is just a tool to be manipulated for political gain.

And let’s not forget that the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant denomination in the country, has been holding an annual Sanctity of Human Life Sunday for over 35 years now. But apparently, Chelsea knows better than these millions of Christians who hold to the belief that every life is precious and should be protected.

In the end, Chelsea’s comments just serve as another confirmation of the Clinton’s hypocrisy and opportunism. It’s clear that their “faith” is simply a political tool, used to pander to certain groups of voters. But most can see right through their facade and know that the Clintons’ actions speak louder than their words.

Life News