DeSantis Ordered Airlift – Evacuates Another 200 Americans From Israel

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis revealed on Thursday that he ordered an emergency airlift to bring home another 200 Americans from Israel following the unprecedented terrorist attacks that occurred in the country last weekend, which killed more than 30 Americans.

The Republican presidential candidate made the announcement after he signed an executive order directing Florida resources to help bring Americans home. He welcomed two flights earlier this week that brought home nearly 300 Americans.

“I’m happy to report we had another flight bringing Floridians back from Israel land in the wee hours of the morning,” DeSantis said in a video posted to X. “We’ve been able to help hundreds of people get back from the war zone safely to the United States, to the state of Florida.”

DeSantis focused on the supplies that Florida donated to Israel, which the country received yesterday.

“And we’ve got another flight coming most likely tomorrow morning,” he added. “So, the federal government dragged its feet, a lot of those folks didn’t have any options. We stepped up, showed the leadership, and are delivering results.”

His administration sent two large planes containing 85 pallets of donated supplies.

Medical supplies that were donated included 735 ace bandages, approximately 5,000 hospital gowns, 84 IV kits, 30,000+ needles, 30,000+ syringes, 57 ventilators, and 10,000+ boxes of surgical gloves.

Along with medical supplies, Florida also donated: 1,000+ children’s toys, 300+ sleeping bags, 1,000+ hygiene products, and 2,000+ articles of clothing.

“With the lack of leadership in Washington, we are stepping up to help our allies in Israel who are in need of supplies and our support,” DeSantis said a statement. “As we continue to bring back Americans who were stranded in Israel when the war began, we will also keep sending the necessary health care supplies for Israel to care for those who have been injured.”