Did Newsom Slip Up and Say Biden’s Brain Needs a Tune-Up? Take a Look

Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) is the perfect governor for California, he relishes the spotlight even in hostile territory. He tries to be a squeaky politician who rarely makes verbal errors.

That’s why his reaction to Sean Hannity’s comment about President Joe Biden’s mental ability, or lack thereof, is all the more intriguing.

After the 2nd GOP debate in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Hannity tried coaxing Newsom into admitting that he wanted to run for higher office in 2024. The two went back and forth, smiling and laughing as Hannity laid out the scene, hoping that the pomp and circumstance might appeal to Newsom’s presidential ambitions.

“I know the truth, in your heart, in your mind, you want this,” Hannity said as Newsom grinned and shifted in his seat. “But you have basically gone on a media tour sucking up to Joe Biden, and you know he’s a cognitive mess.”

Newsom looked him dead in the eye, and said, “I also know he’s got an extraordinary record to run on,” before getting into a back-and-forth.

Did you see that? Newsom acknowledged that  Biden is a “cognitive mess.

It’s hard to imagine, given his political savvy and apparent lust for power, that Newsom knew what he was doing with that answer.

He praised the president giving himself cover and avoided overtly criticizing the president. Yet he basically admitted Biden’s obvious mental handicaps. He opened the door for Democrats to consider another possibility.

And now Newsom finds himself holding a great deal of power in choosing the late Sen. Diane Feinstein’s replacement pick.  Will he use that to his advantage to try and position himself in 2024 or beyond?

For now, it seems evident that Biden is going to be the 2024 Democratic nominee. But should his health get in the way and actually force him off the ballot, Newsom has primed himself as the heir apparent.