George Santos Makes New Announcement On Cameo

George Santos, a former Republican congressman from Long Island, is now dressing in drag again to raise funds after a tumultuous year. Santos, who left office in disgrace last December by becoming only the sixth member of the House of Representatives ever expelled, is hoping to bring in funds by offering personalized video messages through the service Cameo. These messages can include birthday greetings, pep talks, and general responses to questions for the price of $350 each.

Santos, who changed his party affiliation to independent last month, came under fire last year when it was revealed that he had lied about his past. He initially denied dressing in drag or cross-dressing at gay pride events in Brazil despite evidence to the contrary. However, he later admitted to these activities and is now using his former persona, “Kitara Ravache,” to generate charity funds.

In a selfie video posted publicly on his Cameo account, Santos announced, “Hey, you messy b****es! Kitara is coming out of the closet after 18 years, thanks to all of you. So, get ready because it’s going to be very limited, and it’s going to be for a great cause.”

He goes on to say that 20% of the proceeds will be donated to Tunnel2Towers, a charity that supports first responders, and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a pro-Israel organization. It is unclear where the rest of the money will be going, although it can be assumed that Santos will be keeping a portion of the funds for himself.

Santos’ decision to dress in drag and offer personalized video messages has sparked controversy, with some questioning whether it is an appropriate way to raise funds for charity. However, Santos remains adamant that this campaign will only last for a limited time and that it is for a good cause.

This is not the first time Santos has been in the spotlight for his actions. In March, he announced that he would be challenging incumbent Republican Rep. Nick LaLota in the race to represent New York’s 1st congressional district. However, he dropped out of the race just a few weeks later. Santos also made headlines last year for lying about his background and experiences, including his heritage, education, and work history, and claiming his mother died during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Despite these controversies, Santos is still attempting to make a comeback in the political realm. Although his Cameo videos may bring in funds for charity, it is yet to be seen if they will help repair his tarnished image. As of Monday afternoon, there are only 71 messages left for purchase on Santos’ Cameo account, and it is unclear what his next steps will be. One thing is for sure – Santos’ actions continue to generate attention and controversy.