KJP Has A Little Fun With Press

On April 1st, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to pull a fast one on the press corps by announcing that President Biden was revoking the Hatch Act.

This federal law, enacted in 1939, aims to prevent federal employees from engaging in partisan political activities. Like most of Jean-Pierre’s briefings, it was met with groans and awkward laughter.

But let’s not be fooled by this feeble attempt at humor. Jean-Pierre’s incompetence at the podium is no joke. It’s a sad reality that she was most likely a diversity hire, as the Biden administration prioritized checking boxes over competence. As a result, she lacks the basic ability to communicate and handle tough questions from the press effectively.

During the same briefing, Jean-Pierre was asked about President Biden’s decision to proclaim Sunday, which was Easter Day this year, as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This decision caused widespread anger and backlash toward the supposedly “devout Catholic” president. In response, Jean-Pierre gave a weak explanation, claiming that Easter and Transgender Day happened to fall on the same day this year.

The Biden administration is more concerned with pandering to special interest groups than upholding traditional values. The fact that a Catholic president would choose to recognize “Transgender Day” over the holiest day in the Christian faith is a slap in the face to all believers. This is just one example of how the Biden administration is pushing a radical social agenda at the expense of our nation’s values.

But let’s not forget the bigger issue here. Jean-Pierre’s inability to effectively communicate with the press is a microcosm of the larger problem with this administration. This is evident in the disastrous border crisis, the skyrocketing national debt, and the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Jean-Pierre’s failed April Fools’ joke is just another reminder of the incompetence and radical agenda of this administration. It’s time for a change in the White House.