Kylie Jenner’s Pro-Israel Message: Deleted Under Pressure

Kylie Jenner, the youngest billionaire in the world, recently posted a message of support for Israel on her Instagram account. After news of the attack went public, Jenner shared a post from the account @StandWithUs to her Instagram stories. It featured a photo of an Israeli flag and said, “Now and always we stand with the people of Israel!”

She quickly drew the ire of her fans, many of whom are Palestinian or of Palestinian descent.

Within hours, the post had been flooded with angry comments, with many fans accusing Jenner of being insensitive and ignorant of the plight of the Palestinian people. Some even called for a boycott of her products.

In the face of the backlash, Jenner quickly deleted the post. However, the damage had already been done. Her followers kept posting negative comments on older photos on her account. Many shared Palestinian flag emojis and mocked the social media influencer for having an opinion at all.

“Someone ask Kylie Jenner to point to Israel on the map,” one person wrote on X.

“It’s actually way worse that Kylie Jenner just deleted the Israel post,” another person wrote. “It shows a lack of knowledge and care, she just posted it to be talked about.”

“Don’t get involved in politics and say that u support i**ael. P@lestine has been suffering for ages,” another person wrote on Jenner’s most recent post.

“Are u even human if u are with zionists,” another person mocked.

“Kylie Jenner supporting Israel when her friend Bella Hadid is Palestinian is crazy,” one comment said.

“Do these celebrities listen to each other when they talk?” another person wrote. “Like when Bella Hadid talks about Palestine and being Palestinian does Kylie Jenner know what that means?”

More than 700 Israelis have been confirmed dead, and at least 2,500 have been injured following the attacks orchestrated by the Palestinian Islamic terrorist organization.