NYC Judge In Civil Trump Case ‘Under Investigation’

The revelation of a questionable conversation between a New York real estate lawyer and a state judge has caused chaos and controversy in the ongoing legal battles surrounding former President Donald Trump.

The state of New York has launched an investigation into Judge Arthur Engoron after he admitted to having a conversation with the lawyer and taking unsolicited advice about one of the cases involving Trump. This news has sparked outrage among the conservative community, as it raises questions about the impartiality and integrity of the legal system in New York.

Many critics have accused Judge Engoron of being biased against Trump, citing his past public criticisms of the former president. They view this recent revelation as further evidence of his bias and are calling for him to be removed from any cases related to Trump. The fact that the lawyer claims to have given the judge advice on how to rule in the case only adds to the suspicion that Engoron cannot be fair and impartial.

The state commission on judicial conduct is now looking into the matter, and many are hoping they will hold Judge Engoron accountable for his actions. The New York State Rules of Judicial Conduct explicitly state that judges should not engage in ex parte communications, or conversations with only one party involved in a case. This rule is meant to ensure that judges remain impartial and that all parties have a fair chance at presenting their arguments.

Some legal experts believe that this improper communication may have affected the outcome of the case against Trump. They argue that the judge’s decision to post a $175 million bond before a deadline to avoid asset seizure is questionable and may have been influenced by this conversation with the lawyer. If true, this would be a serious violation of the code of conduct for judges and could undermine the integrity of the entire legal proceeding.

Donald Trump, who is now the presumptive Republican 2024 presidential nominee, has long claimed that he is the victim of a biased and corrupt legal system in New York. This latest revelation only further supports his claims and adds fuel to the fire of his supporters’ anger towards the state and its legal system. Many believe that the ongoing legal battles against Trump are politically motivated and that this conversation between the lawyer and the judge is just further evidence of that.

The investigation into Judge Engoron is ongoing, but the consequences of his actions may have far-reaching effects on the legal system in New York. It is imperative that judges remain impartial and unbiased, and this case serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding this principle in our courtrooms. In the meantime, the controversy surrounding this latest development only adds to the already chaotic and contentious legal battles surrounding Donald Trump.