Robert Downey Jr. Not Happy Over ‘Joke’

Hollywood’s biggest names gathered at the 2024 Oscars ceremony for a night of glitz, glamour, and of course, political grandstanding. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, a liberal darling who never misses an opportunity to mock conservative values, the show was full of cringeworthy moments and tasteless jokes.

One such moment came at the expense of Robert Downey Jr., a beloved actor who has recently come under fire for his past struggles with substance abuse. Kimmel, in a desperate attempt to get a laugh, made a crude joke about Downey Jr.’s manhood and his past drug use. It was a low blow and even the audience appeared shocked and uncomfortable.

But this is not surprising coming from Kimmel, an out-of-touch star who regularly uses his platform to spew liberal propaganda and offend those who do not share his views. His jokes were not only offensive, but they also lacked originality. It seems Kimmel has resorted to using the same old tired punchlines year after year. It’s no wonder the Oscars’ ratings have been steadily declining.

Kimmel’s distasteful attempt at humor did not stop there. He also took a jab at actress Emma Stone, making fun of her performance in Poor Things and the explicit sex scenes featured in the film. Stone, known for her poise and grace, was visibly uncomfortable and appeared to call Kimmel a derogatory name. It was another example of the progressive mindset that has taken over Hollywood.

Even former President Donald Trump spoke out about Kimmel’s poor performance, calling him out for trying too hard and being a terrible host. And Trump is not wrong. Kimmel’s desperate attempt at being edgy and relevant fell flat, leaving many viewers wondering why he was again chosen to host the ceremony.

But amidst all the cringeworthy moments and cheap attempts at humor, there was one bright spot of the night – Robert Downey Jr.’s long-awaited win. Despite Kimmel’s tasteless joke, Downey Jr. graciously accepted his Oscar, thanking his “terrible childhood” for propelling him to greatness. It was a much-deserved win for an actor who has faced countless struggles and come out on top.

In closing, the 2024 Oscars were a reflection of everything that is wrong with Hollywood. From the shameless virtue signaling to the desperate attempts at humor, it’s clear that the liberal elite who dominate the entertainment industry are out of touch with the American people.

Daily Mail